Internet Service Providers, also known as ISPs are the companies that provide residential customers and businesses with an Internet access. You need to subscribe to the services offered by an ISP if you want to have your own Internet access, but it is possible to go online without an ISP.
You need a device with a good WiFi receptor, such as a Smartphone or a laptop. Look for available networks in your area. You might be able to find a WiFi that is not protected by a password. This is the easiest way to go online without an ISP and if you are lucky, you will find an open WiFi you can access from your home.

Talk to your neighbors to see if one of them would be willing to let you use their WiFi. All you need is to have their WiFi password and you will be able to go online without subscribing to the services of an ISP. This is a good option if you have friendly neighbors who do not mind sharing their WiFi with you.

You can also go online without an ISP by going somewhere with a free WiFi. A lot of fast food chains offer a free WiFi network to attract clients. You can usually get a free WiFi access if you go to a public library or if you are a college student living on campus. These open networks are convenient but you shouldn’t use them to make financial transactions for safety reasons.
You can get on the Internet without an ISP provided that you have access to a WiFi network. Try finding an open network you can pick up from your house or consider going to a nearby fast food location or to another place with a free WiFi.

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